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DA BLENDER C Connelly mcgil Bob, I would send you recipes if I used them, but I don't. Try it, it's a fun way to cook. However, you can never guarantee that it will taste the same twice.

You start with your stock -- chicken, beef, veggy or tomato and you start adding food and spices that you think will taste good together. One of our favorites, especially in the winter is a fish chowder or stew -- it depends on how thick it ends up. I start with a thick tomato base, add bay seasoning and then open the spice cabinet and start adding what tastes good (you have to keep tasting). I usually always add rice & little shrimps & scallops and then whatever looked good while I was at the fish store. It's fun to experiment by adding different food. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. But I'm lucky - my guys eat just about anything I cook.

Good luck and happy cooking!


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