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Power Politics Charles Schleininger corsair If Governor Davis & the State Assembly
are so concerned why do they continue to
take contributions (bribes) from the
power, gas, & petroleum companies?
Why haven't they run the lobbyist that
represent these companies out of

Why hasn't Davis declared a state of
emergency _ mandating that all
thermostats be locked so they can"t be
set lower than 78 degrees for A/C &
higher than 68 degrees for heat; why
hasn't he banned the sale of any vehicle
that get less than 20mph city driving; why
hasn't he made business go to tropical
hours to avoid peak power use in the late
afternoon; why hasn't he banned all
outside use of lighting at night for all
sporting events (major league, college,
high school - right down to Little League
...); why hasn't he banned the use of
private vehicles for commuting purposes
where public transportation is available ... .
Why is he draining the surplus dry to pay
black male to his lobbiest cronies?

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