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THE UR-JOKE Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs Ur, meaning earliest, for the Tottenvillains.

Since Chief Tutu LaDoo has heard every joke that ever wuz, and takes the trouble to tell you he's already heard the one you just told (but posts lists of old ones himself as thought that's no objection when he does it) I figure that from now on I'd better put old jokes that I adapt on the Nostalgia & Trivia section of the SI Web-site, for old-times' sake.

That got me to thinkin,' always a dangerous thing.

Speaking of old jokes, what are the oldest jokes you remember from way-back-when on StatNisland, y'know, from when Tutu was a pup.

The oldest I remember were a series of jokes called Moron jokes, such as:

"What did the bus driver on the No. 6 bus from Port Richmond to St. George tell the moron who wanted to board?"

"No more on."

And then there were the knock-knock jokes.

"Knock, knock."

"Who's there?"


"Bah who?"

"Bah f*ngool!"

The latter being an affectionate farewell current on the Island in the 'Forties and 'Fifties in the so-called "Italian community."

Then there were the "author" jokes, such as:

"Yellow Stream," by I.P. Daly, and

"Chinese Revenge," by Won Hung Low, and its companion,

"Tiger's Revenge," by Claude Bawls.

I wonder what the earliest joke in literature is?

Homer's tale of the sailor retiring at long last from the sea, determining to walk inland carrying an oar, until he meets a villager so remote from the sea and ignorant of the ways of the Deep that he asks what "that stick" is for?

Or, (very bad) that Nice God telling Abraham to sacrifice Isaac on an altar father and son build.

So if you have some admittedly ancient groaners, this is the place, especially if you heard 'em first on SI.


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