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OSS.* Steve Androvette blue ocean Thanks for comments comrades.BTW,Neal this is
the 'Gripes' column so I will gripe on w/out
voicing solutions.I'm learning,though.I
spend more time rooting for the A's and try-
ing to figger out WHAT'S KILLING MY GREEN
BEANS!BUT,this issue of dealing with OSS.*
will keep me griping for 4 long years, I'm
sure.Now he's telling us to cut tax's to pay
for inflated gas prices!Boy,I can't wait!DID
YOU KNOW? ENRON lobbied for Plan Colombia and
the $1.3 billion military aid package.Another
one of OSS.*'s buddies,HARKEN Energy also
lobbied for this $1.3 billion(Our taxes).Do
you have any idea why? The excuse is to fight
drugs.The truth is the discovery of large
deposits of oil.These characters are the same
ones bleeding California to fiscal death,with
GOP OSS.*'s tacit OK.It makes me mad to have
such ruthless,greedy bastards co-opting the
THEY ARE DOING.More later.Good night.

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