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Ferry Questions Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs Someone up there above the stuff about running a numbers game on da board here, if I understood that right (which don't count on because we're dealing with Alternate Reality here, right?) asked the question about when the first ferries ran between StatNisland and Godknowswhere.

I suppose it depends on what you call ferrying, but as long as people had boats, they did ferrying.

One of the earliest to become successful was the first Mr. Vanderbilt, of StatNisland, who ran a ferry between SI and anywhere you were prepared to pay to go, but to Manhattan, primarily.

When steam came in (1820, Robert Fulton's Clermont, etc.) Vanderbilt could go from sail to steam, assuming he used sail before steam. Later, with his knowledge of transportation around the Harbor, Vanderbilt expanded into railroads. A rich guy before Rockefeller. Helped to make Rockefeller.

Let someone else do the research.


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