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FEMA AND F&M TAKE TWO Richard Ladieu rich ladieu this just taken off the newswire from england. it is heavilly edited. it is for info only but to i am putting it here for everyones info. this is a serious problem in england and other parts of europe.


Two more suspected cases of human foot-and-mouth disease are being
investigated by health experts.

The Public Health Laboratory Service (PHLS) confirmed on Tuesday that it
was examining two cases in addition to the one uncovered by the
BBC yesterday.

On Monday North Cumbria Health Authority confirmed it was carrying out
tests on temporary contract worker who became ill while working on the
livestock cull in Cumbria.

The two new cases are not from the same area, but no specific details
yet available.

The government also admitted on Tuesday that people living near
burning pyres of slaughtered cattle could suffer health problems.


Tests on six other suspected cases of human foot-and-mouth previously
carried out by the PHLS during the current foot-and-mouth outbreak
proved negative.

A disease with similar symptoms known as hand, foot and mouth
disease, but caused by a completely different virus, is much more common
among humans.

If foot-and-mouth is confirmed, he will become only the second person
in the UK ever to be known to have contracted the disease. The
previous victim was an agricultural salesman from Northumberland, who
contracted the disease in 1966.

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