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Analysis Pam Aires Felicity Hia George,

You like me have FREE WILL. That we both have in common "S"

If you choose to dislike me and put me on your list than that is your perogative."G"

Personally, I choose to see the LIGHT in ALL and consider that we are ALL ONE. We all have SHADOW and we ALL have LIGHT.

My FREE WILL chooses to OWN my SHADOW and SHINE my LIGHT"G"

I too have issues with people "S" I choose to approach these with CLARITY and GRACE. I have learnt along my Road Less Travelled that if we have issues with others then they are reflecting back to us a DEEP HURT that is WITHIN US that hasnt been dealt with and healed.

Have you noticed in your life how the same triggers get pressed - its the same old same old, or better putly GROUND HOG DAY.

When we face our issues head on and learn to smile at them with a genuine heart, our lives inside and outside of ourselves transform into a much safer and happy place.

And as if by magic we are not being victims to our emotional hurts and those buttons arent there anymore to be pressed"S"


Yes I too have feelings. Like the Atlantic Ocean they run *fairy* deep. But because I am emotionally intelligent I handle my feelings in a different way to those that arent"S"

So if you dont mind awfully George I will not put you on any list but choose to see the LIGHT that DOES shine in you"S"

In Love and Light

Felicity aka the wombman with many names

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