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Where is it From? Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs On 4/22/2001 11:12:00 AM, ArtfulCodger wrote:
>I think I remember reading
>that when Europeans first
>arrived in Australia they
>found only two mammals that
>were not marsupials: man and
>the dog. This gave many
>anthropologists the idea that
>man and the dog must have
>arrived together, and that
>sent the author off into
>rhapsodies about how long the
>dog has been man's best
>Any truth to any of that?
>Jim Donnelly
>Hyattsville, Maryland

That's the odd thing about guys who think they're scientists and thus obligated to explain the world to the rest of us.

You give them two disparate facts and they'll not only put them together but will invent a whole universe to explain why it's true that whatever they wanted to believe in the first place must be true.

Then they go looking for da proof.

First thing they do is to overlook anything that points in a contrary direction.

Then they interpret everything else in the direction they want.

Then they present us with their scientific conclusion, because they're scientists, right, and what do we know?

Then that becomes science for the next twenty years until someone comes along and says, "You don't really believe that, do you?" and proceeds, with a fresh look, to review the overlooked evidence and debunk the whole construct.

Of course, he gets into a big fight and his career is on hold because the first guys, who thought up the whole preposterous theory in the first place, are the department heads in their universities who control who gets to play scientist next, and they don't like what the new guy is saying.

Eventually the new guy wins Da Nobel Prize and lives happily ever after.



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