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Do We Need the Spy Planes? Dan Blaine DBLIVIT I think if one wants to find out why Bush, et al, are pussyfooting around with the Chinese, one has to turn past the front pages and go to where most history is created: the business section. Here's an excerpt from Friday's IHT:

"Hostility between Beijing and Washington is a recurring nightmare for companies like GM, which have huge investments in China. The automaker operates a $1.5 billion car plant in Shanghai and a $230 million truck factory in Shenyang. It employs 3,500 people in China, 100 of which are expatriates."

Bush has been bought and paid for by big business. Which in this case is good...he's not going to be launching any missiles at the Chinese mainland. But if it was advantageous for GM, etc. to have him launch, he'd do it in a heartbeat... Gunboat Diplomacy and the Boxer Rebellion #II!

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