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Spy Plane Question. George Jaenicke grjaenicke
I have a question about the Spy plane that China is now holding that belongs to us. How can the pilot intentionally land that plane with all its surveillance equipment intact in Communist China? I realize that the plane had a crew of 24 US military personnel, and I do not mean to diminish the value of their lives at all, but somehow this doesnít seem like it was the proper thing to do. I have no idea what, if any standing orders there are in a situation like this, but somehow, bailing out in international waters and destroying the plane would seem like a possible scenario here.

I donít have a military background so thatís why Iím asking the question. How can a US pilot decide to land this high tech piece of equipment on the soil of a less than friendly nation to the US? I would think that those that fly these missions know that there is a risk factor involved, and handing an intact spy plane over to the Chinese for any reason doesnít seem like it should even be a consideration.

Then again, maybe the technology is not as secret or high tech as our government would lead us to believe.


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