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Area Code 809 Phone Scam Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs Speaking of alleged scams, how's this for a dilly.

Someone leaves you a page or a voicemail to call area-code (809 (number) because you've won a prize or something bad's just happened to someone you know. You call the number, get a senseless recording, and find out you've been scammed. The really bad news occurs when you get your phone bill at the end of the month. The call cost you either $2,400 per minute or $24,000.

You wanna protest this? Good. You're dealing with a company in the British Virgin Islands (the Bahamas) that takes the position you owe it the money. It's a pay-per-call number, similar to a 900 number.

I think 900 numbers were used to get people, which included a lot of kids, to dial a porn site using their parents credit card number at so many bucks per minute. In the U.S., warnings are required by law about rates and charges, but not on this offshore site. Nor will call blocking features for 900 numbers work for an 809 number.

At any rate, according to the email message allegedly originating with ATT Service Manager Sandi Van Handel, that's what you've gotta look out for now. In addition, since area codes are frequently broken into smaller areas, watch out for the following as well: 242, 246 264 268 345 441 473 664 758 767 787 868 869 876.

Lotsa snares in today's jungle.


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