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Marine Protocol Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs It used to be that it was not correct according to military protocol, or etiquette, for a person in civilian dress to give a hand salute to a person in uniform, or to the flag, for that matter. That's why we were taught to put our hand over our heart when saluting the flag, or saying the pledge of allegiance, as I recall.

One of the presidents, I forget which, was made uncomfortable when his uniformed escort saluted him, as Corsair describes. The president would salute back. People said that wasn't correct. So he had the rule changed, at least for presidents. If someone saluted him and he couldn't return the gesture, it looked like the president was disregarding the respect paid. So he needed to be able to salute back. I've seen Clinton salute his Marine escort after having been saluted.

I seriously doubt that any Marine chosen for the honor detail would have disrespected the President of the United States, or that word wouldn't immediately have gotten right back, producing an immediate corrective.

Don't forget, Clinton had a lot of support among the top brass, whether they liked him personally or not. He was good for business, military business.

I don't recall hearing the military squawk that they weren't getting proper funding under Clinton.


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