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HAPPY BIRTHDAY / HAPPY ANNIVERSARY - February OOPS Gina * Gina crash, bang, BOOMMMMMMMMMM ... that's about what's been going on with my puter for about the last 2 months or so...not all the time but often enough to make a person NUTZZZZZZZZZZ LOL So on the advice of a couple of puter debuggers around here I deleted some stuff - OH BOY! This is funnnnnn...delete, delete, delete... YEP! I deleted aWright - several things too many :( duhhhhhhhh! OH NOOOOOOOOO there went my SI Web "special day" notes. "NOT da debuggers fault - twas mine" Didn't know that till I went l^oo^king for em...Sooooooooooooo

Here's a couple I do remember that were back in February...


GRJaenicke & Countrygirl
(day shares da same "borned on" day)
Those who celebrated their Birthday in February


Nick & Diane
Mim & Carlo
Those who celebrated their Anniversary in February

hafta c if I can remember more & finish dis l8tr -g

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