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OH SHIT II; CONFUSION IN TANDEM Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs Today's S.F. Chronicle reports (Chronicle News Service), datelined Uwajima, Japan, that our Navy's No. 2 Admiral, William Fallon, had "heart-to-heart" talks with relatives of the nine Japanese presumed dead in the sinking of Ehime Maru by our submarine Greeneville. His emotional apology seemed to assuage the pain of the families, according to the report. They would very much like the trawler retrieved, hoping to recover bodies of their loved ones.

Meanwhile, the submarine captain, Scott Waddle, gave the apology the families most desired, when he visited the Japanese consulate in Honolulu and hand delivered his written apologies to the aggrieved families.

"I was born in Japan," Waddle said, "I learned the Japanese language first, and I respect Japanese people," the Mainichi Shimbun newspaper quoted a tearful Waddle as saying.

"What Waddle did now is considered very manly here," said Koichi Yamamoto, a member of parliament who represents Uwajima, the hometown of the missing. He said Fallon "is dealing with the situation in a very Japanese manner, considering Japanese sentiment. I think this will be a very strong turning point."

Amen and let's hope so.


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