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Disposal of toxic muck 2500 feet from S.I beaches Richard La Dieu sir rich ladieu i used to surf cast off oakwood, great kills beach and off wolfs pond beach back in the late 50's early sixties. i always thru the fish and eels back because they did not smell or look right. i luved surf casting because i could build a small fire and stay out over night on the beach with a pot of cawfee and some beans and patotoes.... good stuff ta eat and enjoy the surf and stars. but i would not eat the fish.

my father was a great fresh water fisherman who went fishing upstate new yawk or near enoisburg, vt. he would bring back loads of trout and i would cook them on the grill with some white wine, a pinch of pepper and a touch of lemmon. hmmmm, hmmmmm, good.

i was surprised to hear the waters around the island were comming back. if so, then all should be done to prevent further pollution.


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