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Voter Sympathy or Forgetfullness? Thomas Perillo Jr. TOMDGIMP On 2/20/2001 07:28:00 AM, PoTown wrote:
>On 2/19/2001 10:02:00 PM, PoTown wrote:
>Was William Jefferson picked within the
>first 43 as sympathy for his condition?
>TomDG...It was tongue-in-cheek! LOLSM
>KP in PK

*** Oh I know, I just wanted to state my opinion of the two of them, since I know I'm always accused of being a left wing liberal, and a staunch Clinton supporter (not in those words of course).
I didn't want anyone to think I was bashing Ronnie. While I think both were good Presidents (to a point), I don't think either deserved the places they got on the poll.

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