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Congratulations Thomas Perillo Jr. TOMDGIMP On 2/19/2001 10:37:00 AM, countrygirl wrote:
>Congratulations everyone, We
>have taken this site to a new
>low. Now not only are our
>posts and opinions attacked
>but we are being threatened
>personally. How low will this
>site go? Thank you Tom for
>making me ashamed to be seen
>or heard on this site

***Obviously, you haven't been reading the threads. I continually tried to keep the posts concerned ONLY with the exchange of opinions, but I was continually attacked. I even posted that "even my patience has it's limits", and the personal attacks continued. So of course when I DO finally get offended and fight back, it is MY fault.
Your logic is amazing.
I guess you never heard that it takes at least two to start a fight, huh?
You have the same option that anyone else has. If you don't like my opinion don't read what I post, and maybe you won't be so ashamed. Actually, you should be ashamed that no one had the decency to actually say something while all of the bull$hit was going on. THAT was shameful. Tom

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