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Bewildered..... LMAO Richard La Dieu sir rich ladieu tom,

who you calling god?? lets understand sometin here ol pal ----- reagan and bush were and still are not god.....i am god......yep, i done come from da heavens hell bent on damnation an all da stuff. i invented elmer gantry an told him to go out and preach da book of revolution......him an napolian --- ya noz dat i-talian pastry thingie everyone loves......

kidding aside....reagan did some real good for this country. he united the people to stand as one nation. unfortunately his second term went down the tubs, especially after the oilie north crap.....

as for bush --- that would be the elder one --- he was not that great of a president, but then again neither was clinton. now what is dubya gonna do??? hmmmmmmm


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