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Healing and Coming Together - Bull S*it Harry White Harry da Hammer On 2/6/2001 07:48:00 PM, Gina wrote:
>daHammer My guess is that
>Clinton still sees him self
>like he always did, #1
>head...of the Country that is.
>SlickWilly is doing everything
>he can to keep his face in the
>public eye. He just won't go
>awayyyyyyyyyyy quietly. Seems
>to me he's determine to keep
>his belief that he's still
>head even though the White
>House "move out" should have
>convinced him he's a X.
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Da press keeps this alive not Clinton. I think he would prefer not to have this adverse press or may be he is so accustomed to it he isn't bothered. No matter, Clinton has not posted here, it is others that keep his presence alive here.

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