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Peto Poika Gina * Gina Charlie what a beautiful tribute to your warm fuzzy friend, Petro.

I know well the feeling of loss. I can remember the pain when our Belgium shepherd reached his day of eternal sleep...he was regal in every way, a well trained loyal protector & as gentle as a ball of fluff. Like U we shed many tears while keeping in mind the pain he was in at the end from hip displeasure & the cancerous tumors that had returned, he never complained, we didn't want him to suffer any longer...he was almost 12 - a long life for a shep...God was calling his name, it was time for us to let go.

My (now X) was working undercover at the time - about 2 weeks later a warm fuzzy wandered out from under a sofa right after a drug raid (so the story goes) & said "where will I live now"...well U know what happened next don't U? Enter Tac (as in tactical unit name sake).

Petro Poika is at Peace.


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