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NEW DORP LANE - LIVE Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs Funny you should mention it.

My mother worked for Dinger Brothers way out in the boonies for some years in the late '50s, I guess it was, near the Korvette Mall, the old SI Airport, etc.

I KNEW snake hill had to be the road that wound down into Old Richmondtown. Laid out by cows, which, I'm told, take the easiest route up a hill, a serpentine route. In fact, Serpentine Road sounds more authentically the name than Snake Hill Road. Looked a little like Lombard Street in San Fran without the houses and tourists.

Latourette Park Golf Course. Jim Albus was pro there for awhile, I believe. Ace Senior Tour player, still in the money, age 60. Waytago, Jim, formerly of Oakwood and Great Kills Beach.


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