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HARRY POTTER A SEXIST?:) Charlie Joseph CharlieJ On 1/30/2001 07:31:00 PM, JR wrote:
>On 1/30/2001 05:46:00 PM, FawCawnahs
>>JR, that's an impressive
>>review of some of the Paris
> I was
>only making 98 bucks a month back then
>so I had to save for about three months
>to make the trip happen. It was my
>first on my own away from the Navy in a
>foreign country. The ship stayed in a
>port between Nice and Cannes called Gulf
>De Juan that had other types of french
>delights. The Rivera was too expensive
>for me and I kept trying not to look at
>the bathing outfits. This caused me to
>walk into cars, trees, etc.

JR - Shoulda went to Tony's bar. The girls there would have gotten all 98 bucks without you wearing out that shoe leather.
I was there in the early 60's. A friend was there in the 70's and it was still a happening place. Wonder if it still is.


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