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Welcome to the StatNisland web site, where adult StatNislanders come to reminisce, meet old friends, make new friends, joke around, exchange views, talk politics, and solve the problems of the world.

The subject matter is adult in nature, when it isn't entirely childish.

We talk about sex, morality, religion, conscience, constitutional rights, political shenanigans, and all of these mixed together. We sort them out as best we can.

This is a Free Speech site.

People get to express their honest views. They do so in a variety of ways, all protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, for which some of us give maximum thanks.

The only suggested ground rule, and it is entirely voluntary, is to try not to give offense.

The best way to give offense is to call someone a name, like "hypocrite," or anything else. This is called "hurling invective." It is considered unreasonable, since it's mud-throwing, and that's not what the site is for. It is objectionable misconduct, in the opinion of this writer.

If you wish to point out where someone has advocated one thing but is doing another, however, feel perfectly free to list your evidence. That gives your target a fair chance to deal with your objection and makes your point a lot more effective, if it is factually correct and not just you blowing off steam.

Name-calling tends to drive good people away, and we need all the good people we can find around here to counteract the problem children.

It is not considered offensive to challenge an opinion, any opinion, especially the knee-jerk kind that you would expect from a group, each of whom is certain he is a genuine Patriot but is not too sure about the others. Many of us seem to be old enough to have lived through the Cold War, and the McCarthy Era Witch-hunt mentality has left its mark in some of our thought processes.

Challenging opinions is invited. But there are different ways of doing it.

You could call the person who wrote the post, or who cited, or linked to it, a name. Worse yet, you could suggest that he leave the group. Those are examples of poor reactions we've experienced.

A better reaction that accomplishes the same thing, that is, getting your point of view across for all to read, is simply to state your reasons why you disagree with the original post.

If you think something is in "poor taste" (frequent) on an adult web site, or "offensive" (even more frequent), state your reasons or hold your peace, otherwise you are just hurling invective and opening yourself for the inevitable retaliation.

Of course stating reasons requires intelligence, thought, and some work. Responding with reasons that make sense will mark you as a thoughtful, articulate person, whatever your views.

If you would prefer to hurl invective, despite invitations to play by "Marquis of Queensberry" rules, then don't be surprised to find yourself the victim of invective hurled right back, because then the gloves have to come off.

Fair's fair, right?

Does anyone have any problem with this?


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