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Helene (Friedman) Cassara

Hi All:

I just wanted to drop a line or two to let you all know that I spoke to the Dr. and I will be going into the hospital the beginning of Feb. The exact date of my surgery has not yet been made, I will let you all know when.

The Dr did tell me that I will be in Los Alamitos Hospital, in Los Alamitos California.

I will be in the hospital for about 3-5 days and I will be home recooping for about 6 weeks. Yes, the Dr's decided that the obstruction must come out, and they will also take what I have had in my body for all my life out. NO MORE MONTHLY HAPPENINGS.

I will let you all know when. I will probably be away from my computer for awhile, but I will let you all know when I return.

I keep my prayers with the LORD on a constant basis, he will be with me right thru to the end.

Thanks everyone for caring.

Regards and hugs and kisses


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