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Despite the fact that realism is often still looked down upon by modernists, who refuse to allow us to exhibit, there are many people my age and younger who have chosen to classical training in place of the conceptualist education that still dominated by most universities and colleges across the US.

So many of us would appreicate the opportunity to exhibit in the urban centers, like NYC.

I had an opportunity to exhibit about a year ago in a restaurant lobby. The owner of the restaurant spoke with the art critic of a local newspaper. The art critic was given photos of my work and the work of a fellow artist, Jacqueline Apel who lives in Geneva, Switzerland. He just looked at maybe two and threw them down on the bar. He said "Trash, pure trash, has nothing say. Its been done and its over. Done with tricks and I know it. I won't review the show if you put it up." Well, that was it. The restaurant owner said no.

Jackie is now represented by Willoughby's Gallery in Martha Vineyard. Her work is selling like hotcakes! She's older than I am and finished her training a couple of years ago.

I could give a gallery owner the names of many talented, classically trained artists.
Just need to find a gallery.


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