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Aquehonga Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs Anyone who would leave the San Francisco Bay Area, restaurant capital of America, to go hunting for a good restaurant on StatNisland, would have to have his head examined. But thanks for the lovely thought.

That doesn't mean I'm not fond of the StatNisland that lives on in my head. That is a truly fine place, where I grew up, learning and ready to face the woild. It's just that such a place no longer exists.

Carol referred to James Mitchell's "Up in the Old Hotel," a favorite book about New York and StatNisland. What Mitchell described no longer exists either, but that's the way of the world, I guess.

I've been reading Victor Hugo recently, in line with a recently acquired interest in things French, about which I previously ignored. Writing around 1832, Hugo sets the "Hunchback of Notre Dame" in 1482, ten years before Columbus discovers America. He did years of research to be able to describe how things were, physically, legally, and socially. It makes for fascinating time travel, but you wouldn't want to live there.

You bettah off where you are today.



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