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JOHN V. LINDSEY Dan Blaine DBLIVIT On 12/21/2000 07:57:00 PM, sir rich ladieu wrote:
>my problem with lindsey was
>not that he was against the
>vietnam war. i totally
>understood that..
>my problem was his ultra
>liberal stance on the issues
>of the day.
>i had to struggle to make ends
>meet. i worked two jobs at
>the time, sometimes i took a
>third job, just to make ends
>meanwhile, he, lindsey and his
>followers --- all ultra
>liberals, were ready, willing,
>able and actually giving away
>the farm to a bunch of free
>loading creeps who believe
>society owed them everythign
>while they sat on the royal
>backsides watch color tv and
>driving around in late model
>me all i could afford at the
>time was a third hand car to
>get me two and from where-ever
>i had and must go.....
>that was my problem with
>i paid taxes while the welfare
>freeloaders paid nothing but
>demanded more and more and
>even held protests for more
I remember doing janitor work and scrubbing bathrooms nights at P.S. 29 and St. Sylvester's to earn my tuition and keep....I had to do the bathrooms because my co-workers claimed it was "discrimination" to make them do the bathrooms. When I finally learned enough electronics at SICC to work part-time at AAT electronics on Hylan blvd., I thought I had pulled myself up into a skilled trade.

Then Lindsey came along with his "give the underpriviledged a chance" job program (was it called CORE?). My boss had to hire one of these "unfortunates" and I was supposed to teach him the ropes in fixing electronics equipment. The first day in the shop, he sat in a corner reading a comic book and showed no interest in learning. I finally went over to him and asked him to watch me, I would show him some basic techniques. His reply: "F-Y Honky MF, Mayor Lindsey is paying me to be here, so I don't have to work with you". I never talked to him again.

Who knows, with the headstart Lindsey gave him, maybe he turned out to be Jesse Jackson?


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