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Ginas Birthday Today Marguerite Rivas SI violet On 12/14/2000 03:18:00 PM, PunkStarAce wrote:
>Re: Kim Basinger
>I read in the Enquirer (as my
>inquiring mind HAS to know)
>that Kim is leaving Alec.
>When I spoke with her today
>she said she'd come live with
>me. My wife doesn't know yet,
>but as Kimmy (my pet name for
>her) is always on the road
>with her acting jobs and my
>wife is at work during the
>day, I think I can pull this
>off. If my wife happens to
>come home at the wrong time, I
>can always introduce her to my
>"cousin Emily" from Staten
>Island. I'm sure you all will
>back me up. Most of this is
>true, except after the "I read
>in the Enquirer" part.

Who is that "Cousin Alec" I've heard your wife talking about lately?


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