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At the end of the 96/97 semester Mr. Quinn had broken his hip and was unable to attend graduation ceremonies. At the beginning of the 97/98 school year Mr. Quinn returned. However he was ailing. He was in pain. And he was just not himself.
A very credible teacher at the school witnessed Mr. Quinn, holding and kissing a young boy in his office. This teacher was very shaken and upset by what she witnessed, and she properly reported it. From what I understand the young boy involved was at first reluctant to discuss his experience. However eventually he confessed something to his mother. Several weeks later Mr. Quinn abruptly retired. The breaking of this story (briefly in papers and on TV) has also led to other students (some as old as 18) to come forward and tell more stories. This confession has led to an indictment of Mr. Quinn. The assistant principle (now acting principle) Mrs. Doreen Gardner, is also facing charges of a cover-up.

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