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11/8/2000 2:19AM PRESIDENT ELECT GEORGE W. BUSH Richard La Dieu sir rich ladieu gina,

i finally got to bed at 2:20 am this morning thats after being at work by 7:30 am tuesday morning and getting up at 5 am thuesday morning. well it was a very long day for me and many others.

it was an exciting night tuesday -- this first time i had to work a cliff hanger of a presidential election. been working them since 76. anyways, doing a quick read of th stuff our newsroom was doing i have learned that there may be a problem in west palm beech. there appears to be two stories floating around.

1. people were punching gore name and have bucannon's name selected.

2. people did not understand the ballot and voted for the wrong guy.

a recount is now going to be done.

additionally there are still the absentee ballots to be counted in california, washington and a few other places....

however what i am impressed about is, that gore apparently won the popular vote nationwise. personally, if the final count is yes gore won the popular, then he should be president. but then again that's just my opinion.

i am not giving a final opinion until the fat lady sings and i don't know any fat ladies....i only know charming wild young rose buds......

a tired rich

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