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Military Readiness Stanley J. Singer sjsinger Early in 1943, I was present at an interrogation of a high ranking German Aviator who had been shot down by British Forces. The German pilot had been educated in the U.S. and was a graduate of Northwestern.

He stated that although the Germany Military was a great deal more technologically advanced than the Allies, he felt that the U.S. would eventually win the war because of the ability of our factories to output vast amounts of material, our farmers and cattle growers could produce unlimited amounts of food, our shipyards could turn out ships for the Navy in great quantities, our aircraft industry was vast and productive, our munition factories and automotive industry soon would flood the war soon with tanks, guns and ammunition.

It turned out that his prediction were true; although it took several years for the U.S. to produce the logistics necessary even though we had been supplying Britain with War Materials for some time.

Today are factories have been decimated, our aircraft factories are few and most of our shipyards have been closed. Our farmers can no longer compete and are disappearing. In todays technology no longer can we begin producing our means of defense overnight and our enemies are strong and worldwide.

The U.S. is threatened and we standby hoping for a miracle. I was born in 1918 and cannot remember when there was world wide peace in my adult life. I was recalled for Korea, Vietnam, the Cuban Crisis. Strength ensures peace in my book.

Stan Singer
Col. USAFR (retired)

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