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DO ANY OF YOU REMEMBER? C Connelly mcgil On 6/19/2000 08:39:00 PM, oldtimer wrote:
>When your tire went flat on
>a car or cycle you had to
>remove an inner tube, patch it
>up, re-insert, then fill with
I don't remember having to change the inner tubes, but I do remember how great they were to play with in the water. My grandfather had quite a collection and every time we went to the beach they came with. The hard part came when we had to pump them up with one of those old manual pumps, but the fun was when when you could float with them (one for the body, one for the feet,) or dive through them (lot's of scratches from the pump stems) or try to pile them up and sit on top! They're probably over 50 years old now and we're still using them. My brother-in-law has them at his cabin in Norway and we still use them to float down the stream. It goes to prove that they don't make stuff like they used to!


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