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A PERSONAL REQUEST Richard La Dieu sir rich ladieu ok use guys and goils. scratch your head a bit --- nutting else please -- and tell me if ya can --- is there a copy of the song venus out that does not have lyrics to it.

in other words i need instrumental only of the song. no singing, no chours , just the instruments playing.

reason i need the instrumental is because my wife does free style with her dog echo --- the red irish setter. free style is a form of dancing with your dog in a show ring. the dog must of course been trained in obeydence --- something i noz some of use guys ang goils believe i need traing in. however, dis ain't about me.. ok???

tks much for any info you can give me on where i may find an instrumental copy of venus.


p.s. try not to wise crack on dis one ok??? tis fer me mrs ya noz......

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