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I remember that bicycle shop!! He used to fix my bikes all the time. Us kids used to roll on up to him (he'd always be sitting in a chair outside the shop, fixng something). He was quite nice to us, though his appearance was pretty dirty-lookin'.....He never charged us to fix a flat, or re-bend our spokes, or get the chain back in place on our 10-speeds.....Also, next door was a deli, I can't recall the name, but the woman (reddish hair, always done up) was very kind. Maybe it was Sylvestri's or Anderson's Deli....maybe you know. Close buy was my older sister's best friend, Patti Conner and down the other way was Betsy Brown. Other names on that steet (Watchogue) were the DeMizio's, Safatle's, and I believe Schaffer's...know anyone of them?

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