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Inane Sports comments Ken Parese PoTown (Moved from Coca-Cola/Olympics)

On 09/18/2000 11:40:00 PM, FawCawnahs wrote:
"The more sports I watch, the less I like the "expert" commentary and the "color" commentators. I've tried muting the sound, or playing the radio broadcast at the same time, as in baseball.

When the color guy tells me that Garcia is hitting .343 against left-handed pitching in extra innings with men on second and third, I feel he's talking to someone else, 'cause I don't care."


Try putting it on SAP! That's what they are.

Don't want to offend our over-paid, over-pampered prima donnas, so let's give them some feel good, bogus statistics At least they'll think they're in the same league as the legends of baseball. Todd's got a one-game hitting streak...he's on a tear.

These guys don't even have great nicknames:


Hammerin' Hank, the Bruiser, Joltin' Joe, Stan (The Man), Scooter, Say-Hey, "The Whip", Larrupin' Lou, Big Klu, King-Kong Keller.

Some of the legends are so great they even had more than one nickname.

Yogi Berra and Bill Dickey had nicknumbers, both retired #8.


"Sweet" Lou, "Chipper", Bubba, Trott...with names like these,they don't run bases. They prance.

Pitch count, complete game..what's that?

Ya' tweaked again, rs.

KP in PK

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