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Who's buried on SI? Flora Gilman-Reigada Flora When I recently visited Staten Island, my mother and aunt took me to the cemetery across from Silver Lake. That's where their sister is buried. She died in infancy over seventy years ago. Her grave is in an old overgrown section, where ghostly statues poke out of the weeds. It's way, way, in the back, in the shadow of the Grymes Hill Apartments. The place is so isolated and eerily quiet, I kept expecting a maniac or ghoul to jump out of the brush. Needless to say, I was glad to leave.
Another cemetery note: During the 1940's some family members made a horrifying discovery while digging a garden behind their home on Sherman Avenue--old gravestones! My aunt, who does genealogical research, discovered the stones marked the graves of Hessian mercenaries who fought alongside the British during the Revolutionary War.

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