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From the mouth of Al Gore Neal Mulligan neal VP elect Gore while visiting Monticello pointed to some small busts on the wall and asked "Who are these people?" The tour guide explained, That's George Washington, on the right. (AP Jan. 17, 1993)

"We all know the leopard can't change his stripes." (Toronto Sun, Nov. 19,1995)

In a column in the Carthage Courier (April 14, 1981) Rep. Gore wrote: "Exactly 200 years ago James Garfield was killed in a railway station; almost 100 years later Abraham Lincoln was killed." Garfield died in 1881, not 1781, and Lincoln predeceased him by 16 years.

"You know [former president] George Bush thought Dec. 7 was Pearl Harbor Day." (AP, Oct. 21, 1988)

About Milwaukee's melting pot, Gore said, America "can have e pluribus unum-out of one, many." Washington Post, Jan. 10,1994

According to the Portland Press Herald, July 19, 1998--While inspecting ice storm damage in Maine, "Gore picked up a fallen power line--which was exactly what officials at Maine Power had urged people not to do."

And according to David Broder, last year at a reception he introduced himself to his former Senate Colleague, Pat Moynihan, "Hello I'm Al Gore." I'm sure
Moynihan was thrilled to have finally met him.


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