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Suicide Missions Marguerite Rivas bitchin' violet Oh Art, all day long in my addled brain I kept telling myself that I had something to do Sunday night and I couldn't remember what it was. I'm kicking myself around the block for missing the show. I'll check the local listings for the re-run. If any of youse New Yawkas find out if it's running again, woodja e-mail me? Thanks a bunch.

P.S. You know when I realized I'd missed it, Art? Yesterday when I picked up a book at the Salvation Army on microbe hunters. It had a chapter on Von Leuenhook ( a man whom I find fascinating) and as I was looking at his crude drawings, I thought of you. Oh wow, that sounds so funny. I'm now laughing myself silly. I've been giddy with exhaustion all day. Sorry.


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