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THAT RUSSIAN SUBMARINE Richard La Dieu sir rich ladieu rs

if i had all da answers, i'd be richer den bill gates. unfortunately i don't. but lets see if i can give ya some reasons for the russians or the americans building boomers.....

hmmmmmm! nope, can't do it.

also you did miss the point. the collapse of the soviet union? what a crock of bull feathers that is. thats like president nixon declaring there is no mafia. more crap from the politicans.

the soviet union still exist --- not as it use to but it is still there. so is the way the leaders of the newly formed or is it reformed "russia" -- of catherine the great fame ----thing.....

it will be decades before leaders of russia and the u.s. start trusting each other.

anyways --- i gotta play my da puters now. got a big mess ta clean up after all dis convention stuff.


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