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Rich made me do it Richard La Dieu sir rich ladieu mimi,

oops, got you and irene mixed up --- sorry irene.

you didn't offend me at all. i was attempting to make lite of the title. and yes i am interested in the subject.

as for your statics, yes i knew all that stuff. i have read many a report that show there are more minorities on death row then whites.....however in my opinion this is not a racial issue. ask the victims of those who were murdered....

that aside, i agree with the governor of illinois for putting a hold on the death sentence --- not because of some so called racial imbalance, but because the trials and the evidence not allowed to be presented or withheld by procesutors and judges are the problem.....

as i said in an earler post --- lets get on with the dna testing. the oj simpson case --- for the mockery it made of our judicial system ---- opened a hugh door for those who are truly innocent of what they are charged with.

i am still for the death penalty as stated earlier and for the same reasons. an eye for an eye.


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