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telephone line and jack-low prices Ken Parese PoTown On 08/16/2000 12:50:00 AM, mysoprano wrote:
>need a jack for telephone or
>cable tv and waiting due to
>strike well I'll do the the
>job for a lot me

Nearest Radio Shack should be of assistance.

No such thing as "jack for telephone OR cable TV"...two separate items.

Telephone requires an RJ-11 fitting from the wall as the termination for an existing pre-wired phone wire run.


The cable line requires "F" fittings, female and male connector for 75 ohm prewired cable (RG-59) run.

The ideal way to avoid improper connections and other "less expensive" do-it-yourself problems is to have the proper crimping tools for the different cables.

Cost to do it right yourself?? $75-100

Cost to do it right professionally?? Ditto

Cost to have peace of mind without a mess?


(This is a one-time free deal, no-cost advice)

Good luck!!

KP in PK

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