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MEGAN'S LAW AND --! Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs I've seen it.

They make less sense in Britain's House of Commons (good name) than we do in our Senate or House of Rug Merchants.

I noted with interest that they (da Brits) virtually did away with their House of Lawds, about time after what, 4-6, maybe 8 hunnert years of that nonsense. Last time I looked in they were coming down foursquare in favor of primogeniture. Shades of King Arthur!

I like it when Tony Blair tells the other guys, "I refer you to my previous answer," and Betty Boop says "Ordure, Ordure!"

That shuts 'em up every time.

I wanna see one-a da wise guys get hit wit' dat mace, and I don't mean in the spray can, I mean the one on da table.


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