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Yeah! Those long distance bills can be scary. I hate to have to talk to someone and keep my eye on the clock the whole time *LOL*....but before I started using phone cards that's essentially what I was doing. With the phone cards not only is the price per minute good but I'm all paid up ahead of time too. Now, I can just sit back and enjoy the conversation. *S*

As for how "they" can charge so much ask Lilly, Meri and Jessie! They all live in Washington and I'm pretty sure it's near you. Lilly lives in Tacoma but right now I can't think of exactly where Meri and Jessie live. Anyway, maybe they can give you the inside scoop on a good phone plan.

As for the calls to the "funny NY place"...LOL....don't worry! I'll call you! *S*


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