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interesting stuff Richard La Dieu sir rich ladieu well i am back from some leave. and i am just now catching up on some of my e-mail and e-newsletters i receive. well guess wot, i am posting some of them because i am in the mood to adigitate anyone i can. so comeon, take the bait and post your comments on the following:

"Does This Mean I Can Give One to the Judge Too?"
Judge: Trooper Violated Man's Rights in Obscene Gesture Arrest
Northwest Arkansas Times

An Arkansas State Trooper who issued a citation to a Benton County man
for displaying his middle finger violated his civil rights, according to
a Tuesday decision in U.S. District Court in Fayetteville. District
Judge H. Franklin Waters issued a summary judgment favoring Wayne
Nichols, cited for misdemeanor disorderly conduct after he displayed
"the finger" several times to Arkansas State Trooper Jose Chacon. The
incident occurred Aug. 6, 1998, after the two passed each other on a
Benton County highway.

so does this mean if i give da birdie to a judge who has his/her head stuck up the wrong end of a camel mean i get off???? ha ha ha ha

After the Appeals, Disbarment?
Jury Finds Texas Family Was Defrauded on Oil
New York Times (Free registration required)

A Texas jury has found that a New York lawyer defrauded several hundred
relatives of a 19th-century priest more than six decades ago and now
owes them millions of dollars in oil royalties and interest, according
to a decision announced today in Brownsville.
yea, now we can all sue for anything that happened to our ancestors. does this mean i can sue for my indian forefathers who were nearly wipped out by the great white father in washington???


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