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the bible under attack again Richard La Dieu sir rich ladieu i post this with reservation. just for thought only. if ya wanna comment. ok, but don't shoot da messenger ok??

this for your info only. more garbage from the international legal community....

"It's So Full of Sin!"
Save Kids from Bloodthirsty Bible - Lawyers
South African Independent

Two lawyers said on Tuesday that they had written to German Family
Minister Christine Bergmann asking her to officially class the Bible
among books considered dangerous for children because of its violent
content. The Holy Book contains passages of "a gruesomeness difficult
to exceed" which are glorified as the will of God, the Bavarian lawyers
Christian Sailer and Gert-Joachim Hetzel said in their submission to the
minister on behalf of "some parents of minors".

the link provided by findlaw did not work so ya have ta do your own browing to see the complaint.

what will be next???


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