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jaundice -- take twooooo Richard La Dieu sir rich ladieu wow ---- wot a debate ---- looks like rs done dood it again, sturied up
da kettle ta make da stew better tasting.

sorry rs, i was up on da island last week. got back early sunday
morning (see my post under nos trivia.....

yep dis is rite up my alley --- so ta speak.

lets see, what do we tell or teach our children in school about the
realities of life outside the propraganda school books? hmmmmm, well my
wife and i told our children the real facts. we told them the bill of
rights and the constitution were just paper with ink on them. yes their
meaning was just and proper, but in the real world, the writting did not
apply to all individuals in this country equally.

i gave them various transcripts of court cases from criminal to civil
and then discuss the results with them.

yes they learned that if you have influence in the right place, and
plenty of money, you could practically (and in some cases truthfully)
get away with murder --- robbery, fraud etc.

however, we also taught them that they must choose their battles and to
look at both sides of the coin, even if you are personally involved in
an issue. it is easy to say and hard to do.

as for jobs leaving this country. rs, you are correct, times cause
changes, some good, some bad and yes some totally unnecessary. our
electronics building plants all went foreign because of international
politics and influences to help the other countries out. american jobs
were forfetited in favor of foreign deplomacy. those are facts, zennith
was one example.

unfortunatly american companies will not survive unless they go global
-- example the chrysler, ford and general motors deals over the past
several years. now its the telecommunications business.

i could go on and on, but jaundice --- yea i have it and i am not
ashamed of having it, but the bottom line is that we all need to be
realistic about jaundice and know there is no cure, but there is a way
to keep it under control.

oh yea, no matter how screwed up this country is --- political, legal,
comsumer etc, it is still america and my country and i am proud to be
am american....

oh yea, rs, why ya gotta pick on me fer??? i get enuf here at home wit
me irish beauty.....


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