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Art ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Lady*Donna*~ Art,

I so agree! I do think we made Mr. LaHuta smile. I could feel it through the phone! I know it all made *my* heart and soul smile and I'm sure it did the same for you! He's as sweet and honest and down~to~earth today as he was back then in High School. I also agree that it's so wonderful to come full circle like this. Just as we'd both wished for so very often...we finally got the chance to tell someone wonderful....just that...that they were wonderful! When someone comes into your life and has an impact on you, they make a difference in your life....

...and how could anyone *not* want to say THANKS..for that! *S*

He did send me a letter via snail mail and he'll probably send you one too!!! Too bad you didn't live closer! He and I are going to grab a cup of coffee or a pizza at Denino's together! Who knows! Maybe some day in the future...when you're on a visit back home...the 3 of us can do the same.

BTW...I do have to call him again too, to explain the virus thing to him. As you know, I rarely email anyone and the one time I go and do tell you about the surprise of locating him...*that* goes and happens! I'm sure he was wondering what was taking me so long to get through to you so I really do need to explain!

Thanks for letting me know about the chat you had with him. I was going to ask you today if you had called him yet. I guess we're just ~In*Sync~ when it comes to Mr. LaHuta! *S*


~*The Journey Inward*~

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