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My Staten Island trip last week Richard La Dieu sir rich ladieu Well folks, I did my trip to Staten Island last week.

I arrived on Thursday, August 3, 2000

It was hot and humid. Real sticky.

I decided to take a little tour of part of the north shore after crossing the Outerbridge at about 7:30 am before going into the city. I took the West Shore Expressway to the Clove Lakes Expressway. Got off at the Bayonne Bridge exit. Traveled until I got to the Richmond Terrace exit. Went down Nicholas Ave to Richmond Terrace. I noticed some new houses (apartment types) had been built. Got to Richmond Terr. It still looked dirty on the waterfront side. I made a brief stop at Faber Pool where I used to go swimming. I noticed that they built a small park down to the waterfront. Real nice. What happened to the rest of the neighborhood?

I passed the old Empire Theater, now Ferrell Lumber…Got to Port Richmond Square and had to turn up Richmond Ave due to detour. What a mess the street was below Castleton Ave. Turned left onto Castleton Ave. Went pass Sacred Heart Church and School. Turned left onto Brighton Ave to Jersey Street. Turned left onto Jersey Street and was shocked to see how slummy it looked, worst then when I lived on the island. About three blocks further down Jersey Street; it began to look better. I noticed some new one story apartment type housing and how well the street was kept --- nice and clean looking with flower gardens in the front yards.

Turned right onto Richmond Terrace and left at the 120 to park at the ferry terminal. I noticed some construction being done on the waterfront next to the ferry terminal. Looks like some kind of stadium……. I later learned it was the new Staten Island Yankee Stadium.

Boarded the ferry at about 8:35 am. It was the JF Kennedy
Got the 12-noon boat back to Staten Island. It is the Lehman.

I visited with various members of the family, then went to southern Jersey to visit with friends.

Friday got back to S.I. I had lunch at Jimmy Macks with George. We talked for about two hours. Great seeing him after more than 30 years. And yea, da food was great ---- including da four fingers.....

My sister Margie took me to dinner Friday night at Mamma Bella's on MorningStar Road. It was a great meal. All Italian, including the canolia (can't spell the name of the pastry.

Saturday, I visited with some more relatives and took a short tour of the South Beach area with my niece. They have torn down all the amusement rides on Sand lane. Nice improvement to the entrance of South Beach. The beach area was till dirty with all kinds of litter.

Saturday night I had pizza from Nunzio's. Ohhhhhh was that great pizza.....

I had to leave early Sunday morning because my wife called me Saturday night to tell me she made a 1 p.m. luncheon date in Crownsville Maryland for Sunday. Golly gee, I didn't have time to stop off the various food shops, George told me about to get the pastries, including the crumb buns and the Italian Deli's for the Ravioli and Sausage. Oh well, maybe in September when I get there for the reunion at Mt. Loretto, I'll have more time to do the shopping.

Neal ------ watta ya say we get together on Sept. 15th with George???? You too have the same sense of humour?????


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