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Grinders and Subs Neal Mulligan neal For DJ,
This is my favorite Grinder shop. Use to take my dates there after the Submarine Races, seem apt.
J & T Grinders
484 Main Street
West Springfield, MA 01089
Tel. (413) 734-8625

The Submarine sandwich or Grinder,Hoagies,Wedges,Zeppelins,Torpedoes and Poorboys was
though to be originated in Naples Italy as a meat and cheese sandwich on a Italian loaf of bread. It is believed to have its beginnings in the U.S.A. in Brooklyn New York in the early 1900's by a Rose Carbone who had a small grocery store near the Brooklyn Navy Yard and sold them to the workers. The sandwich eventually developed into a Italian loaf of bread about 12" long and 3" wide filled with Italian hot ham(capacola) salami,mortadella,provolone cheese,hot and sweet peppers,onions lettuce,tomato and olive oil with Italian seasonings and many more variation to the customers delight. As a direct descendent of Rose when in the Springfield Ma area. Stop in at J&T Grinders 484 Main Street West Springfield,Massachusetts and try one of our Special Italian Cold Cut Grinders with all the fixings.

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Definitions and Geographic Name of Sandwiches

New England Area
Grinder: To grind food with back teeth.
Submarine: Submarine or Subway car shaped.
New York Area
Hero: A person admired for his courage for eating one.
Wedge's: Two wedges of bread with meats and cheese etc.
Philadelphia and Down South
Poorboy: Poor mans sandwich.
Hoagies: Named for workers on Hog Island building Philadelphia Navy Yard in early 1900's.
Mid West and West Coast
Poorboys,Subs and Hoagies.

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