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JAUNDICE Neal Mulligan neal Facts vs Truth

From the 77 or 78 World Series:
Yanks have runners on 1st and Second. One out. Jackson is on 1st, Pinella on 2nd.
A looping fly is hit toward SS side of 2nd base side which Russell fails to catch. Ball bounces in front of him and he picks it up a foot or so from 2nd. Pinella returns to the 2nd. Russell then steps on 2nd and throws to first. The ball strikes Jackson and bounces away. Pinella goes to third and scores. Jackson goes to 2nd. Batter is safe at first.

Opinion: Dodgers claim Jackson interfered. Yanks say nay. Umpires agree with Yanks. Yanks win as a result.

Truth: Pinella had no right to 2nd until Russell stepped on the bag. He was then safe to return to second. If Russell tags Pinella and then steps on 2nd, double play Dodgers win.


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